Ah, Sunday

spring 003

My run yesterday started out pretty uneventful.  I wanted to run four miles on Saturday, but I had a bad case of insomnia the night before, I couldn’t do it.   I like to run early in the morning, very early.   Since I run on the roads, I like to avoid as many cars as I can.   So I just went out Sunday.  It was eerily quiet out.   But at the same time, I just listened to the cadence of my footfalls and timed my breathing, inhaling and exhaling, steady, steady, steady.

Not having been on a four mile run for a while, I was a little apprehensive, but I had to keep that voice inside of my head saying positive things.  I like to think of the rewards for running when I’m struggling.   I often have a picture of my favorite outfit that I’d like to see myself in or coming across the finish line of my next race and even sometimes I start planning what I’m going to eat as soon as I get through this run!

The start of the first mile can sometimes be a struggle, and this one was no exception.   I just talked myself into keeping going, and before I knew it I was already into the second mile.   I do admit that I did walk up part of a tough hill at the end of the second mile.   But that’s okay right now.   I try not to do walk/run intervals, b/c it really throws me off.   But I figured this early in my training, I just need to get the miles on my legs no matter how I do it.  I had a great mile three and mile four I brought home with my best time for the run.

That afternoon I was happy to watch our local St. Patrick’s day 5K go by a friend’s house.  It’s good to be on the sidelines cheering people on their runs.   Nothing gets you in the mood for more running than watching other people compete in a race.

In the garden this week there are snowdrops coming up, and the robins are back looking for worms all over the property.    I’ve even spotted my daffodils starting to push their green leaves up through leave cover.    I have a large native plant area that is slowly  starting to wake up from the long winter.   Buds are starting to form on my Dutchman’s pipe vine, and the honeysuckle near my blueberry garden actually has leaves on it already.

Best of all, my horseradish plant is starting to poke up in its garden, and I can’t wait for this year’s crop.  I’m eager to get some fresh ground horseradish again.

How was your run this weekend?

Are you as anxious for spring as I am?



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