Small Victories

When I was out for my run on Saturday, I started thinking about all the big things that I want to do yet.  I have to get my mileage up, I want to run more marathons.  I want to change the path of my career.  I want to lose at least the 20 pounds I’ve put on, I want to see the world!  But, when you think about it, when you have all these big plans, you never celebrate the small victories.  You just keep thinking, oh, I’m not doing ten miles today, I only lost one pound, etc.   These little voices will trip you up every time!

That’s why you have to celebrate the small victories.  From the time I started running, I’ve kept a running log, either on paper or with my Garmin watch on their app.   I can go and look back at years and years of running and working out.  That is amazing.  I can see all the runs I’ve done, my thoughts, and the mileage for the year.   All the small victories add up into the hundreds and thousands of miles I put in.   I can even see how my weight changed over the years.    It’s so much better to look at the little things, that then become the big things.

So back to my Saturday run.   I was feeling good.  I felt like my old self again.   I didn’t feel like I was an out-of-shape, overweight runner, who didn’t want to be seen running in the daylight.  I was loving every minute of it.   So when I got to the ending point, I kept going past that point, just to have that feeling of pushing a little more, knowing I could do it.  That was my small victory, and I was proud of it.

So when making your plans, go slow, make them small steps.  We don’t come out of the womb running.   First we rolled around, then we crawled, and our parents were so proud.  Then we used every available surface to hang on to to get up and walk, then we walked without assistance, and our parents were cheering for us.   Finally, we found ourselves running, and our families and friends are there to cheer us on.   So keep going, and let the small things add up to the big things.  In that way you can be your own cheerleader and make your goals come true.


Did you have a small victory this week?


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