My Running Rules

I don’t mean my running rules literally.  but to me it does!

I’ve put together a list of some of the rules I follow when running.

1.  Wear clothes and have lights that can be seen by motorists!

When I go out in the early morning before light, I wear a fluorescent orange jacket and I have knuckle lights on.   This year it’s already happened twice that a car turning right didn’t see me, even with all these accouterments!  We’ve all heard of runners getting hit by motorists, so be careful and be aware of them, too!


2.  I don’t use ear buds.

In fact, the only thing I listen to when running is the sound of my surroundings.  Sure, I’d love to listen to music or a running app to keep me motivated, but I really feel you need to be aware of your surroundings.   I want to know where cars are at all times.  In fact, now that it’s spring, I love to hear the birds in the morning.  I want to hear someone yelling if they need help or even at me!  Maybe one day I’ll try those headphones that you can hear from without putting them in your ear.


3.  I carry my phone and pepper spray.

Ever since I’ve started running I’ve carried these items with me.   I’ve used my phone on countless occasions to call my husband to come and get me when I need to get home quick.  (See my post It’s A Stomach Thing)  Luckily, I have never had to use my pepper spray, but I’ve had it out for dogs that looked like they might go over the fence or if I see a car stop ahead of me and it looks suspicious.

4.  I tell someone how long I’ll be out running for.

It’s just good to let someone know.   Sometimes I’ll even call my youngest sister in Massachusetts just so someone knows I’m out there!

5.   I try to have a running buddy.

Of course,  it’s always better to run with a friend!

So these are just my basic rules.  I hope I’ve helped any new runner with some very basic safety guidelines.  Have a great run!


How far did you run this weekend?    I ran a 6 mile run.

Do you have any more safety tips?


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