We All Need Some Goals

I received this in the mail from my best friend a few weeks ago.   It’s my birthday present.  I love it!   I’ve never bought myself a fancy-looking running outfit, and this jacket and pants is just the ticket!


It got me thinking about my goals for this year.   Setting goals can be tricky.  You want to set achievable goals, because we don’t want to fail.   Failure can sometimes lead to disappointment in yourself.   So I do my best not to set myself up for failure.   But life gets in the way sometimes.  It’s how you choose to deal with it that counts.

My first goal is to get into this outfit!   It’s a little tight yet, but I know if I get back to running like I was before last year, I’ll be in it in no time!

My second goal is to do a trail race.   I have one planned in a few weeks.  It’s five miles.  Okay, when I signed up I thought it was a 5K.   After I submitted the entry I realized it was five miles.   I am terrified of tripping over a rock or some roots and falling, but I’m going through with it.  Which leads me to goal number three.

I’m entered in the Covered Bridges Half-Marathon in June with my youngest sister.   My goal is to get a 2:30 time.   (Remember I’m not fast, but I’m determined!)  My best half was 2:36, so shaving six minutes off my time is going to take some hard work, but I’m ready to do it!   I just hope I don’t trip and fall in my trail race the month before.  Why, oh, why didn’t I plan better this year??

So those are my goals for the year.   I have run the Runner’s World Hat Trick races since they started two years ago.   I still have time to enter them.  It is fun doing the three races over two days.   By the end of the half-marathon on day two, all you want to see is the finish line and a chair!


In the garden this week, daffodils are budding all over the place.  I hope they’re blooming by the weekend, because we’re having company for dinner on Sunday.   The rains here are really pushing all the native plants up and I’m starting to see leaves popping out of the ground and buds on all the vines and shrubs.   The robins were lining up for the birdbath on the first day I got them filled for the season.

I can’t wait for this year’s garden.  It’s been three years since I started my project of turning the front yard into a native plant preserve.   The plants that have been in the longest should really put on a good show this year, and hopefully the neighbors will see the beauty in my vision of turning our little corner of the city into a bird, bee, butterfly and beneficial insect paradise!

Happy running and gardening!

What are your goals for this year?



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