It all Starts with the Popcorn

This has been a rotten running week for me, and it all started with a bag of popcorn.  IMHO, Martin’s makes the best buttered popcorn ever! I discovered it quite a few years ago,  and I’ve got other family members hooked on it, too.   Unfortunately, it is my downfall.  I can easily eat three bowls of this in one sitting it is that good!


I do my best not to buy it, because when I eat it and then try to run the next day, I end up with GI issues.

Well, I did buy it this week, and ate and ate and ate it, and sure enough every morning this week when I tried to run, I ended up heading back home pretty quickly to take care of things!

Why do I buy things that I know are not good for my stomach?   I know I’ve had issues with food my whole life.   It really ticks me off that I still seek comfort in food when things get too crazy for me!   Running really helps to raise your endorphins and makes you feel better, but then I mess that up with POPCORN!  So it was a crazy cycle of having a bad day, eating popcorn at night, and not being able to get far on my run the next day.

So I’m writing this week’s running off.  I’m going to get out for a run tomorrow (the popcorn bag is empty obviously) and Sunday.   Monday will start a new popcornless (I don’t know if that’s a word, but it works for me) week, and I’m moving on from there.  I feel good where I’m at in my training plan,  and I’ll just say to myself I had a taper week – yeah, that’s right, it’s a taper.

If you’re doing  a long run this weekend, enjoy your run!

What’s your favorite snack food?   Mine is popcorn, of course.   Oreos would be second, but I limit buying those to once a year, and only in emergencies!



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