Is Today The Day?

This is what happened this morning when I went out for my run.  That’s right a half mile.

pictures 001

As you can see, I didn’t make it very far before I had to turn back for home, because of my GI issues.   I can’t believe it happened again.    After that, I had to get to work, so there was no more running planned for the morning.


pictures 002 Buddy

After my alarm went off this morning, and my “wake-up cat”, Buddy, came in to make sure I got up, I was thinking to myself,  is today the day?   Is today the day that I exercise, whether it be running or in any other form, eat healthy all day, and make the commitment to do that every day from now on?   Is today the day?   I thought about it all day, after that rotten run this morning.

I thought about it driving home from my job in the afternoon, when I was so hungry and just wanted to stop somewhere and eat anything I could get my hands on.   Is today the day?   I was thinking I should tape a note to the steering wheel to remind myself of that thought when I’m driving.    I forgot to put a snack in my bag, so my mind started thinking about all the places I could possibly stop and just shove food in my mouth.  But I kept thinking, is today the day?

I hate to put so much pressure on myself!  But when is today going to be the day?  I think in order to change you do need to put pressure on yourself.   Heck, we all meet big challenges in our lives, like going off to college, starting a new job, getting married, having kids – or in my case dogs and cats!   These are big commitments, but we go into them with happy attitudes and willing hearts, excited to be on our next journey in life.

So I quietly said to myself, today IS the day.   You can do it.  You might stumble, but make the commitment!   And so I ended up the day with a three-mile walk.  That’s right! I power-walked for three miles.  It wasn’t a run, but I was out there moving and knowing it was going to work for me in getting towards my goal.

Say it with me – TODAY IS THE DAY!!   If you’re too afraid to make the commitment, then just say it quietly – today is the day.   Today is the day I do it for me!

I’ll leave you with this picture of some of my daffodils.    I brought in at least 60 of them — and gave another bunch to my neighbor — last night, when the temperature dropped below freezing.  I thought I’d rather have them in my house, than lying flat on the ground from the cold!

Happy Running and Gardening!

pictures 003



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