Need Some Inspiration?

Who needs some inspiration?    These pictures from the Boston Marathon should do the trick.  I was fortunate enough to be part of the cheering crowd, along with some of my family, encouraging the runners on their way to the finish.  It was, as always, an amazing and humbling experience.   It was even more moving to be there this year, after last year’s bombings.

We saw survivors of the bombing running the route.   The wheelchair division racers are always awe-inspiring.    Team Hoyt was there again this year to run their last race.  Of course to watch the elite men and women run is amazing.   And then you have the waves of runners who are like you and me.    Running because they love to do it.    Thousands and thousands of them.

We met someone at our hotel who had driven in with some friends.  They had never run Boston, but were all determined to qualify for it and get in it this year, because of the pride they felt in their sport and for Boston.

It is a great race.   If you can go and experience it, even as a spectator along the route, I’m sure you’ll come away with enough motivation and inspiration to move you along your running journey.

One of the wheelchair racers.

Boston2014 002




This racer pushes his wheelchair BACKWARDS WITH HIS FEET the entire route!


Boston2014 003


Boston2014 005

Shalane Flanagan leading at this point, but would later come in 7th.

Boston2014 004

Happy Running and Gardening!




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