Two Runs, A Birthday Party, and A Dead Bat

It was a crazy weekend!    I attempted to do two runs this weekend.  I thought both runs were going really, really well.   I was running a good pace for me.  The weather was perfect.   Unfortunately, they both resulted in me calling my husband after three miles to come and pick me up, as there were no porta-potties in the immediate vicinity!   What a disaster!

I decided I’m calling a dietician this week, to try and get this whole GI thing straightened out!   I already had blood work done by the D.O.  about six months ago, so I know there’s nothing major going on.   Now it’s time to get my diet straightened out, so I can get some decent runs in.   I have never had these issues persist for this long in the spring.   Hopefully a dietician will figure out what’s best for me to eat and still be able to run.   And maybe I can finally shed some weight.  I know there are other vegetarians who are out there running and not having trouble with too much fiber interfering with their runs.   So it’s time to get some answers now.

I hosted a birthday party this weekend for my Aunt Cora, who turned 90 on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun seeing family members I hadn’t seen in a while.  And since I had caffeine that morning before my attempted long run, I was hyped up for the whole party!   At 90 years old, she’s doing fairly well.   She doesn’t remember everyone or sometimes can’t get her words out, but she seemed to be having a good time and it only took one attempt to blow out the candles on her cake.

I spent Sunday out in my garden.  As you may know, I’ve got a huge native plant garden, filled with lots of beneficial plants for the bees and butterflies.  I planted a mini meadow last year with seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery.  I have a ton of plants coming up this year, and I’m anxious for the blooms to begin!  So I was out doing some weeding, and mulching.

I do not use wood mulch.  The only thing I use wood mulch for is my pathway in my garden.   It just sucks the nitrogen out of the ground and your plants suffer for it.  I prefer to shred and bag all the leaves that come off the trees in the fall around the house.  It is time consuming to do this in the fall, but the effects of having shredded leaf mulch on your garden in the spring is just beautiful!   I ended up with ten bags last fall, so I spent the day on Sunday distributing them through the gardens.

early spring garden 003

It looks so natural with leaves on the ground instead of black wood mulch!

Soon the gardens will be bursting with columbine,  mountain pinks, and wisteria.  Until then, the Virginia bluebells are blooming and so are the bleeding hearts.

early spring garden 004

The early daffodils are fading, but I’ve got some later ones planted in a side lawn that are blooming.  Unfortunately, my husband has to mow around them until the flowers fade!

And the bat?   Well, I was checking out the rain barrel system that I have, and I noticed a black figure laying on top of one of the barrels.  And there it was, a dead bat.  Then I noticed the smell. Phew!  I checked it to make sure it didn’t have any white on its nose, which it didn’t.  There is some kind of white nose syndrome that’s been killing bats for a few years now.   It must have died from old age or cold or I don’t know what!   He got a proper funeral in the azalea bed.

Happy running and gardening!


Ever been to a dietician?

What’s blooming in your garden? 


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