Be It Ever So Humbling…

…there’s no place like last place.

It happened at my trail race this weekend.   I always wondered if it would ever happen to me, and it finally did.  I came in last at my five-mile trail race on Saturday.  I have no one to blame but myself.

Now that I’ve hit the bottom, it’s time to work my way back up – to the middle of the pack at least!   The day was a little humid, and I just hadn’t trained well enough for it, so I have nothing to blame but my lack of hard work.    So now it’s time to get to work.

There really isn’t much to recap about the race.   I ran when I could and walked when I felt I couldn’t run.  I don’t like to walk during races.  I prefer to keep at least going at a slow run.  Not that there’s anything wrong with combining running and walking, it’s just that I prefer to stay at a run.   I was lucky enough to have someone with me.  I met Monica in the first mile.   She’s mostly a hiker,  and she’s trying to do some conditioning for a hike in the Tetons she’s planned for the fall.   We talked and got to know each other and encouraged each other to keep moving to the end.   I am grateful that she was back there with me!

I went to the dietician last week.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and I finally jumped in and made the appointment.  It was very enlightening.  There is no silver bullet.  It’s the same thing we’ve been told time and again, portion control, the right mix of carbs, proteins, veggies, fruit, etc.

51214 001

Here’s the road map for my eating for the rest of my life!!

We went through how much I should be eating.  I was told that the half an avocado that I was eating every day for lunch was too much!! What???   That is a good fat right??? So now I’m down to an 1/8 avocado with my lunch.  I love avocados!!   That little portion will now count as one of my fats for the day.   Luckily the rest of my regular lunch isn’t too bad.

The other surprise was the amount of carbs allowed for the day.   90 grams!   I think we were all conditioned to hearing about those low carb/high protein diets, where your carb intake was < 30 grams.   So I can happily enjoy my carbs and not feel guilty – of course, in moderation!

My goal is to just keep good track of what I’m eating, continue running, and with any luck I will finally shed this fat for good.

I’ll leave you with some garden news. 

The wrens are back in full force!  They sing every morning, and while some people may find this annoying, there’s nothing like that tiny, lightweight bird singing outside one of his nest sites looking for a mate.  51214 003

My little wren friend, early this morning.

As I write this, I can hear a robin, wren, cardinal and even the pesky sparrow outside my window.

I noticed a weird phenomenon the other morning when I went out for an early run.   At my house, I heard all the birds singing and moving around the area.  As I made my way up the street, it got more quiet and I could only hear the birds that were down near my house.  I thought to myself,  could it be that the birds are all around my house, because this is an organic, pesticide free garden?   Does the fact that most of the homes in the neighborhood use pesticide on their lawns and trees and gardens contribute to the lack of birds that make their homes in that part of the neighborhood?  If trying to kill the weeds in the yard with lawn chemicals,  are they also killing the bugs that the birds need to survive?  If they’re spraying for ants and other flying bugs, what food will the birds have to eat?

Just a little something for you to think about today, as you go for a run or work in your garden.

Happy running and gardening!




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