I should have just run!

Just about every morning this winter, my rhododendron has been totally closed up.   This can only mean one thing – IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE!   So the weenie runner in me told me, don’t go out and run, work out in the basement!   And I did tell you that I was working out to videos and doing some runs, but not a lot.

My rhododendron has been looking like this most of the winter.

My rhododendron has been looking like this most of the winter.

So after I got bored doing the videos, I decided I would do my deck of cards as exercises.  I put my guide on the wall, and as I turned over cards that would equate to what exercise I would do and how many of each, which equals out to about 85 of each move per session.  Now, even though I haven’t done jumping jacks in a while, I went at it with full force.   Guess what happened?   I hurt myself.

I know only three burpees for an ace.   They're hard!

I know, only three burpees for an ace. They’re hard!

The pain in my groin was excruciating!  I could barely lift my leg.   When I tried to get up from sitting down I was in pain.  I called the doc, got some x-rays, which turned out negative, and then I was sent to the PT.    The verdict – I have to stretch out my tensor fascia lata, three times a day.   And, there will be no running until the PT okays it.

Stretch it out!

Stretch it out!

If I had just put on my big runner panties and got out and did my regular runs, I would not be in the predicament I find myself in!    I have a half-marathon in June in Vermont.  I wanted to really have a good run.  So I’m going to be a good patient and do all I can now to fix my problem, so that I can start my training for June.   I ran this race last year, and I would like to redeem myself from my three-hour finish. (My worst ever!)  I was stuck in the back of the pack playing my head games with myself.

I knew, before this injury, that I would be coming into it stronger this year.  I’m going to keep my head in the right place and get this injury fixed and start training.   Until then, I’ll work on what I can to get ready for the race.

In the garden this week,  it’s a rabbit buffet!  They’re eating my blueberry bushes, my newly planted shrubs from last year, and even the ilex that they never touched before!!   Although I put fencing and chicken wire up, some of it was not high enough to prevent them from reaching over once all the snow fell.   So every time it snows, I need to go out and shovel out around the base of any shrubs that they’re eating, so they can’t reach up any higher.

I cannot wait for the snow to end!!

Happy running (or rehabbing) and gardening!


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