Less on the Run, More in the Garden, II

Well, I’m still not running.    I’ve had about four sessions of PT.   I only worked on the machines and exercises for two sessions.   The other two sessions I had ultrasound and Iontophoresis therapy, which both helped a lot.  I feel like most of the pain is moving from my TFL and onto the front of my quad.

A little story — Before I started running, I never had one problem with my feet.    I would go barefoot everywhere.  I hated to wear shoes.   I would have a lineup of shoes by the doors, b/c as soon as I would come in the house, I would take off my shoes and go barefoot.   When I started running, I developed plantar fasciitis.   It was so weird!   I swear it was wearing traditional running shoes, with the padded heel that was throwing my natural gait off.   I knew I needed to wear something else for running, but wasn’t sure if I should go barefoot or minimalist.   I was wearing Brooks Ghosts at the time.  I suffered through trying to make my situation better, because I was still a liitle afraid to go the really minimalist route.  Luckily, Brooks came up with the Pure line.   Since wearing these, I’ve not had one problem.

Which leads to this little story – Tonight I went to my favorite running store’s grand opening of their second location.   I was due for a new pair of shoes, so I decided to think positive and buy them now, knowing I would need them.   Guess what?  I don’t see a Brooks Pure shoe in the place!!    I see all kinds of shoes, even Hokas that have that huge sole on them!   So I ask for my shoes.   Oh, sorry, we’re not carrying them.  We can order them, but we’re not carrying them in the store anymore, because we’re starting to get away from the minimalist shoes.   Well, I did place my order, because I do feel you should patronize your local running store, but, hey, if you’re going to carry those shoes with the huge soles then carry my style that really aren’t all that minimalist.   Right?     Note  – if you wear Hokas, good for you.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I just know I would fall right off of them!

These are my faves!
These are my faves! 

In the garden this week, of course, there’s still not much going on.    The daffodils are starting to push out of the ground.   I filled one of the birdbaths for the incoming robins.  They’re always the first to line up for a good rinsing off.   They sometimes line up on the fence to wait their turn in the bowl.   I swear I can see little flip-flops on their feet and a towel slung over their wings!

Last year's leaves become this year's mulch!

Last year’s leaves become this year’s mulch!

My 10+ bags of leaves from our trees made it through the winter.   I’ll be using the leaves as mulch for the garden.  It is so much better than that ugly mulch you see everywhere on people’s plantings.  In the fall, I vacuum and shred the leaves and bag them up for the coming year.  It is so pretty to open up the bags and put the fall colored leaves on the spring gardens.   Plus, as the leaves decompose even more, it’s great for the worms in the soil.   And we all know that if you want healthy soil, you want worms in it!

Happy running and gardening!



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