Lots of Progress

As of last Friday, I won’t be going to PT for another two weeks.  Yay!   Kim, my therapist, said the best thing I can do now is more rest, do the exercises she’s been showing me, and increase my walking.  So there it is.   I was able to do two miles today.  I came home and just iced my hip, just because I thought I should.  I did not have pain, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Actually, when I first started running and for almost a year or two thereafter, when I would come home from a run I would  ice my knees.  They never bothered me, but it felt good, and it was a good excuse to sit down and enjoy breakfast and coffee after a run.

With any luck, my running will be back on track soon, and more of this blog will be devoted to that subject!    So for the people who want to read this for the running, hang in there!    I promise I’ll start devoting as much time to that as I do to the gardening!

Now, for my fellow gardeners — isn’t this just the best time of year to be a gardener?  As I sit here writing this, I can look out my window see my neighbor, a veggie gardener, working in his garden, finishing building his raised beds.  He’s already offered me fresh lettuce out of the garden, which I happily accepted.   In exchange, I do provide his wife with flowers from the garden.   It’s the perfect situation, in my eyes!

The wrens are back claiming their boxes.    I love to hear them calling out for a mate to just come in and see what a fine twig nest they’ve made for laying eggs in.   They have some of the sweetest songs you can hear in the garden.  We always have at least two nest boxes with chicks in.

In the mini meadow, the golden Alexanders are starting to bloom.   Some of the iris crestata have appeared.  They’ve certainly multiplied in numbers since I planted them two years ago.   And on the mound the foam flowers are blooming.  I have a few that are all white and some are tinged with pink.  Don’t ask me what variety they are.   I’m not a good record keeper in that area.  If I see something that looks nice, I buy it.

I know I espouse the goodness of our native plants, but I will buy other plants as long as they’re not invasive.   Blooming this week were my Tree Peonies.  I love a tree peony, because they just don’t fall over like regular peonies, and I think their flowers are much more impressive.   They take a little while to establish and start blooming, but it’s well worth the wait.

If you have a woodland garden, you must be seeing Jack-in-the-pulpits.  These wondrous plants start out like little aliens poking up through the ground.  First, you’ll see their three leaves and think it’s poison ivy.  But those of us who have them await the arrival of Jack himself.  I’ve got a few nice ones here in the garden.  In fact, I’ve had some pop up in places that I never planted.   Apparently the former owner had planted them, or just maybe they were here forever and reestablished themselves.

As usual, I leave you with pictures from this week’s garden glories!


Tree peony

Tree peony

Tree peony

Jack-in-the-pulpit  Great for a woodland garden or shady nook

Jack-in-the-pulpit Great for a woodland garden or shady nook

Golden Alexanders in the mini meadow.

Golden Alexanders in the mini meadow.

Foam flowers

Foam flowers

Happy Running and Gardening!



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