I’m Finally Running Again

It may only be a half-mile at a time, but I’m finally running again!   Oh, the feeling of running again!   Okay, so it was tough, I felt like I hadn’t run in 11 years, not 11 weeks.  My legs felt heavy.  It’s like that first mile feeling.  Maybe it’s just me, but my first mile is always the toughest.  You’re trying to get your rhythm and your breathing and your legs all in sync, and once it all comes together you know you can go the distance.

My PT visits are down to one every two weeks.   She’s given me a few more exercises to strengthen my TFL and for stretching.  I’m loving the feeling!   The only issue I have right now it to make it to my marathon in October, I need to be at a 10 mile long run by the middle of June.  I fear I might be pushing it somewhat, but I’m going to think positive, take it slow, build up my legs again, and keep moving.

Through all this my weight has taken a little bit of a hit, but I know once I start running more I’ll be back to losing again.   I’ve put on about six pounds, but I know how it’s come off in the past.  I know the best thing for me is to log what I eat and keep myself accountable.   With summer fast approaching, the food choices get better and better with all the great fresh fruits and vegetables that are available.

Out in the garden, things are moving along.   I know I’ve talked before about the issue of using bark mulch on your garden beds.  It sucks all the nitrogen away from your plants, and that is why I use shredded leaves for mulch.   There is one good use for bark mulch and that is putting down paths to walk through your gardens, so that was one of my projects this week.   Out city has a free compost and bark mulch facility.   I laid down bark mulch through my native garden, and now I believe that garden is finally finished for this year.  I just have to sit back and watch the flowers bloom.

One of my favorite trees in my landscape is the fringe tree.  It was a gift from my sister, because she knew I admired hers so much.   Chionanthus Virginicus is a native tree.  It produces beautiful fringe in the spring that smells like spicy vanilla.  It fills the yard with its fragrance.

Also growing like a champion is the Blue False Indigo, Baptisia Australis.  This also was a gift from my sister, Elizabeth, but it came from her garden, because it was getting way too big for the space she had it in.   We were lucky that it transplanted well, because it has a super long tap root that’s tough to get out, and therefore transplanting is hard to accomplish.   Right now it’s about three feet wide and four feet high.  In my native garden, I have a Yellow Indigo, Baptisia Sphaerocarpa, but it is a little more slow growing.

My horseradish is continuing to grow and grow.  I believe this will be the first year I’ll be able to harvest some roots.  It’s in its own little plot, due to it’s spreading nature.  The leaves are nice and large, and I’ve got some great blooms on it.  I can’t wait to start grinding it to use as a spicy condiment!

The pretty fringe tree in full bloom.

The pretty fringe tree in full bloom.

The bulk mulch path through the garden.

The bark mulch path through the garden.

Horseradish in full bloom

Horseradish in full bloom

Close up of the Blue False Indigo.

Close-up of the Blue False Indigo.

Happy Running and Gardening!



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