Since I’ve been running, I’ve almost always done my runs in the early morning.  It just seemed better that way.   I would get up early, go for my run, and come home to start the day.  I would get back from my run, and get my breakfast ready.  I always felt so athletic — yes, I said athletic — standing at the stove making my eggs, while still in my running clothes.  It set the tone for my whole day if I ran in the morning.  I ate better.  I walked a little taller — not that I thought I was better than others, but I just felt like I had already accomplished something so early in the morning.   It made me feel strong!

Since starting this new job, it has been a chore to get runs done in the morning.   With all the changes in my life this past year that resulted in not running enough, I knew that I had to make some changes if I was to continue as a runner.   I had to stop thinking I could only run in the morning!   I did run last summer with a friend who started a weekly running group after work.  I did okay.  I ran when I got done work in time to get there.  It was good.  Plus we would get a drink afterwards, so that was double the fun!

I had gotten up early to run this morning, but I never made it out the door.  I made my mind up at work today that since I didn’t get my scheduled run done this morning, I needed to go out and get my run done after work.  So  that was that.   When I got home from work, I got on my clothes and headed out. My reward was not only a good run, but a beautiful sunset!   I think I might like nighttime running a little more now.

Change is good for all of us.  It keeps us on our toes.  It makes your mind grow to appreciate new things.    Sometimes to get what you want in life, you need to change the way you’re doing things to get to the next step in your journey.


In the garden this week there’s not too much going on.  The rain barrels are almost set up again.   The daffodils are really starting to bloom.  It’s still supposed to be fairly cold at night yet this week, but I don’t think I’ll have to go out a pick all the daffodils to save them from the frost.   I’ve got grape hyacinths blooming in all of the gardens.   They just spread more every year.

I’m so very happy spring is here!

Happy running and gardening!


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