April 23, 2016

I can finally run three miles and feel good while I’m doing it.  I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to get to this stage.    The inactivity that took over my life in the past year is starting to dissipate.   It’s starting to get lighter earlier every morning, so I’m able to get my runs in in the morning.

I’ve decided to try a different marathon training plan this time around.   I found this plan on the Women’s Running Magazine page.   It’s the Hanson’s Marathon Method.


hmm, this sounds interesting…

The idea behind this plan is to run more, to replicate the last 16 miles of the marathon, thereby teaching yourself to run on tired legs.   The runs are not always long during the week.  And your longest long run is 16 miles.   Since my running took a hit this year, I’ve decided to go with the Just Finish plan that’s mapped out in the book.   I start my training on the plan near the end of May for my marathon in October.   The first week is a total of a mere twelve miles – something that feels achievable to me right now.

The best thing I can do, or for that matter anyone should do, is set myself up for success in running.   I know this plan is doable with my schedule and will help build up my running program again.  So I’m very excited to train a new way and get to my goal of finishing my next marathon.


Random Pal picture

In the garden this week, things are starting to really show themselves.  The milkweed has really taken over its little corner at the end of the garden.  One of the meadow flowers is a little invasive in the rest of the gardens, so I’ve been working on getting that out from everywhere.   I’m excited to have a new garden going in front of our screen porch. My plans include a variety of perennials and shrubs and a wildlife pond.   I’ll start planting this week.

Finally, it was Earth Day yesterday.   Please love your Mother Earth.  If I could just have one wish this is what it would be – that people would stop the chemical warfare they have on their lawns.   All of the herbicides that are used to kill crabgrass, dandelions, and other things that seem unsightly to people is bad for the earth.   The use of these chemicals also affects the home environment of  earthworms, ladybugs, praying mantis, native bees and a myriad of other organisms, animals, and insects.  Please, please stop the madness!!   (and now I’ll step down off of my soapbox)

Happy running and gardening!

By the way, I’m on Instagram now @aruninthegarden  Check it out and follow me!








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