I love running and gardening so much that I thought I should write about it.   This is my blog.

I’ve been running for almost eight years now.   I’ve completed many half-marathons and lesser mileage races.  At this point I’ve completed one marathon, and it was one of the best days in my life!   I have my ups and downs in running.   Some days I feel like a runner and some days I don’t.   I struggle sometimes with getting out on the road, but as soon as I’m out there my day is better for it.

I’ve been gardening longer than I can remember.    I’ve been practicing organic gardening for over 20 years.   I  like to say I was organic before it was cool to be organic.    My gardens are flower gardens.    I love vegetables, but I’m not good at growing them.

I hope you enjoy my adventures through running and gardening.







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